“I remember crying while recording I’m Still. I was at a stage in my life where I just couldn’t see what came next.
I was deeply in love and ready to give myself completely to it but I just wasn’t getting anything back. I’ve with time realised that your energy is the most precious thing you have and that you really need to take care of it at all costs. It isn’t worth risking for anyone. Because once you’ve lost it, once you’ve lost yourself in it (as the song goes), it takes a lot of work to get it back!"

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May Roze is a singer-songwriter born in January 1996. Originally from Switzerland she now lives in London. 

True to her Aquarius sign, she loves to create and innovate and has been focusing on this since the start of her journey 24 years ago.

Growing up in a musical family, perhaps it is not surprising she performed on stage for the first time at just 3 years old!

Influenced by names such as Kate Bush, Sade, Ray Charles, Sting, Phil Collins, as well as musicals, May performed in musical plays since the age of 6 until the age of 14 to finally find her love in developing her own sound and identity.

Since the age of 8 and still now she works on her vocal technique and resilience with international coaches.

Throughout the years, she has taken part in numerous projects, from gigging all over Switzerland, working on multiple recordings at Metropolis studios in London, Electric Lady in New York and studios in Paris to taking part of the semi-finals of the swiss Eurovision (Eurosong contest).

In 2015, May moved to London and started focusing on her own music, meeting composers and gigging until she met a producer called Load Track with whom she started releasing singles till “Drown Me”.

In 2018, May really started to make her mark in the UK when her single “Again” reached number 23 in the Commercial Pop UK Charts and number 1 in the Kings of Spins.

Her past releases have been featured in blogs and magazines such as Gigsoup, The Yorkshire Times, Neon Music, Vents Magazine, Hip Hop Spirit, etc. and played on multiple radios and playlists.







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